Solve the Inkjet Production Print Puzzle

You had a plan – but like many others inside and outside the print industry, recent events have forced you to re-evaluate, re-strategise and, in many cases, reconfigure for a future that looks very different than it did only a year or two ago.

Johannesburg, 11 May 2022
Read time 30sec

Although the print industry reported a 13% decline in revenue in 2020, the pandemic drove an 8% increase in the share of digital pages versus offset.

For many operations, the long-run, bread-and-butter offset jobs of the past are waning, to be replaced by a more diverse mix of shorter jobs requiring multiple print technologies and finishing, along with a higher demand for specialty applications.

Remaining profitable requires serving traditional markets more efficiently and cost-effectively while acquiring new, growth driving capabilities that can manage the flood of smaller, fast-turn jobs.

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