Dell data guardian: next-generation data protection for the entire data lifecycle

Johannesburg, 09 May 2017
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"As Endpoint security vendors continue to add additional security controls to assist organisations with protecting their endpoints and to prevent the leakage of information. However, most solutions fail short of being able to manage the document once it's left the network. Dell have taken a different approach and offer the ability to manage documents through their entire lifecycle". So says Sean Glansbeek, CEO of Private Protocol. "In the modern work environment, data travels between users and devices. Securing and encrypting this data, not just at rest, but in motion and in use, has become critical to maintaining integrity and control"

The latest addition to the Dell Data Security Solutions portfolio, Data Guardian protects critical business data at all stages of the lifecycle - at rest, in motion, and in use - whether inside or outside of a network. It also provides the ability to define access rights at a granular level, giving IT leaders the authority to restrict individual file access rights only to those that 'need to know'.

Data Guardian combines multiple functionalities into an integrated solution: data encryption, file access monitoring, DLP (data leakage prevention) and DRM (digital rights management), to provide data protection with a single console. Existing solutions address only elements of data security and are unable to protect data that leave an organisation's environment. Among its most important capabilities is delivering visibility into where data are, regardless of where they have moved. It provides ubiquitous coverage across devices and operating systems, safeguarding files on external storage such as USB keys and major public cloud services, as well as on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets via a secure file container.

The majority of today's organisations recognise the importance of a robust cybersecurity program. Yet many struggle to maintain visibility into how often and from where outside actors are accessing their data, as well as understand how their current policies may be limiting productivity or exposing potential threats. The average company has up to 89 third-party vendors accessing their company's network each week, with each outside access bringing individual risks to data not properly protected.[1] In addition, the recent Dell Data Security Survey shows that 80% of midsize organisations are concerned about uploading files to popular public cloud platforms.

Dell Data Guardian provides a heightened level of encryption, which matches the realities of the modern workplace by providing:

* Full visibility: Organisations can understand where and how critical business information is being used, leaked or lost. IT departments can access reports and sophisticated metadata to triangulate more accurately if and when nefarious behaviour occurs. The console gives visibility into other files that were shared with the suspected bad actor, and by which employee, reducing the time it takes to uncover potential violations.
* Granular policy controls: Through comprehensive digital rights functionality, IT departments can enact more granular management over their data for better control of how documents are being viewed and even set individual rights for different users viewing the same document. This equips organisations to manage exactly who can read, edit, print or share data, as well as set embargoes and expiry times over when the data are permissible to view. The management console also allows for rights to be revoked, immediately removing the ability of a specified person to open the file.
* Protection of Microsoft Office files: Transparent encryption policies protect data in motion across PCs, smartphones and tablet devices. At the same time, shared data are secure across common collaborative tools such as Box and Dropbox. The solution also ensures all Word, Excel and PowerPoint files are fully encrypted while in motion and in use, providing businesses with continuous security for their most valuable data.
* Easy use across all devices: The solution allows employees to download secure mobile protection from their app store, enhancing manageability for IT departments. Further, office plug-ins run seamlessly with Microsoft Office 2010 and upward, allowing for improved collaboration with colleagues outside an organisation.

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