APPSolve magnifies Ditshego's rainbow through the cloud

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Two meals a day; education; medical care; shelter. These are among the many services the 43 staff members at Ditshego give to 350 children and their families. It is an incredible group of people bringing about extraordinary change in South Africa.

Ditshego is a multi-faceted organisation and a crucial service provider to the informal settlement of Mooiplaas, west of Pretoria. Its projects provide support to a multitude of children and families through engagement in the areas of education, shelter, medical assistance, nutrition, and awareness. Despite the regular staff and funding challenges, its projects deliver excellent services to the children in safe environment, including two meals a day and educational stimulation. Forty-three staff members render services to 350 children, excluding youth in support groups and children who receive services during home visits.

APPSolve has proudly been involved with Ditshego for the past few years providing them will various IT services. Maureen Grosvenor, director at APPSolve elaborates: "Our first goal in 2017 was to increase our support by commissioning a project to launch Ditshego's first independent domain and Web page ( ). It has allowed for approved content and accurate information about past and future events and financial initiatives to reach the relevant donors quicker and in a more professional, unified way. Secondly, we have set up Ditshego's first cloud-based document storage and information sharing platform. The solution is scalable and will allow us to build extended services to suit their growth strategy for the future."

Ditshego's 43 staff members work from one office location in Raslouw, South Africa. From this central hub, projects that take care of over 350 poverty-stricken children are managed. To address this amazing team of people's growth and increasing IT requirements, APPSolve has, in addition, to the Web page and cloud platform, sponsored the setup of a helpdesk where all staff members can have their IT needs addressed. E-mail and Wi-Fi connectivity, cloud requirements, printer installations, desktop licenses, file sharing, general PC and server support just to name a few.

To assist it with the project, APPSolve pulled in the help of one of its infrastructure partners, Quicktech, a graphics design and IT support provider. Its remote support model allows their team to remotely access and resolve nearly any system or device issue remotely, while keeping sensitive data and system access secure. In addition, Quicktech services include building Web sites with custom designed shopping carts, animation and programming, video streaming, Internet merchant credit card enablement and other forms of e-commerce. (

"Ditshego has an extremely dedicated group of people who make many personal sacrifices and work long hours every day to enhance the lives of young children. We have an immense amount of respect and appreciation for these unsung South African heroes and will continue to do our utmost to support them wherever we can" explains APPSolve's managing director Hein Blignaut.

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