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Britehouse vPlatform Solutions, Delphix partnership slashes time, cost of database management

First in Africa virtual database management offering provides 5x productivity increase, 10x cost reduction, and 5x risk reduction.

Johannesburg, 11 Oct 2012
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Britehouse vPlatform Solutions (vPS) has partnered with Letsore Group of Companies (Letsore) to become Africa's first Delphix Agile Data Platform value-added reseller partner, positioning itself to help organisations put millions back on their bottom line through greater efficiencies in managing their databases. "This partnership is necessitated by the need to leverage economics of scale," says Letsore Founder and Director, Refilwe Kekana.

"While server virtualisation has enabled organisations to reduce their total cost of ownership of the data centre, there is still a tremendous resource cost wrapped up in managing the multiple databases running in the data centre - and the applications that run on the databases," says Britehouse vPS director, Warren Small. "This limits the benefits of data centre virtualisation.

"It also prevents organisations from getting the additional, significant productivity and cost savings benefits of being able to consolidate databases and streamline database management.

"The time and money needed to approve, create, refresh, and recover enterprise databases have a major impact on application development as well as operations in general. The most effective way of obviating the impact is to virtualise the data within databases, thereby eliminating the need for redundant processes and costs in enterprise application delivery.

"As a superior database virtualisation technology application, Delphix delivers exactly these kinds of advantages. And, it fits perfectly with our priority of ensuring that businesses run better by continuously finding ways to make the management of enterprise systems and business management solutions easier."

Britehouse vPS has recently expanded its consulting and services focused around a fully outsourced and managed SAP environment, including a service and support desk for SAP technical support, with products that enable the company to deliver secure, seamless solutions either on the client's premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid of both.

"Until now, the emphasis in our product reseller portfolio has been on facilitating systems and processes," Small says. "Now, with Delphix, we're including data.

"We can provide clients with database management that is so effective it dramatically reduces their infrastructure footprint and database environment, through the reduction of servers and storage. This enables a reduction in operational costs as well as those related to administration and human resources. We are therefore able to slash not only clients' total cost of ownership of their databases, but of their technology overall.

"In other words, Delphix enables us to meet our own mandate - of helping client businesses run better - as well as the operational needs of organisations having to operate in what continues to be a highly competitive, cost-constrained business environment."

Delphix Agile Data Platform has enabled a global bank to cut its database capex and opex storage costs by over $18 million a year. A leading semi-conductor firm used Delphix to increase project output by over 500%, using the same time and resources that two SAP projects normally consumed to complete 11 projects. A global consumer packaged goods company eliminated $20 million in annual downtime caused by SAP application errors by using Delphix for fast recovery and trouble-shooting.

"Any tool that can help you achieve those kinds of efficiencies and savings is worth having," Small says. "But a tool that can do all that pretty much at the click of a button has inestimable value."

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