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RiskIQ partners with Obscure Technologies to accelerate adoption of external threat management platform in SADC

Johannesburg, 11 May 2017
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RiskIQ, the leader in external threat management, has selected Obscure Technologies to be its distributor in the Southern African Developing Countries (SADC) market.

Obscure Technologies enables system integrators and service providers through Cyber Security Managed Services to SMEs, large enterprises, telecom operators and governments in the SADC region. Obscure technologies and its reseller network are focused on introducing new and innovative technologies to their clients to help them address the challenges posed by ever changing cyber threats. RiskIQ's solution offerings complement the current Obscure Technologies portfolio by helping clients extend their security program outside the firewall.

The 21st Century thrives on information and communication technologies. Expanded voice telephony, undersea fibre optic cables, and constant worldwide Internet access has transformed society and business, allowing immediate global contact and transfer of information. As in the wider world, these technologies have the potential to transform Southern Africa, enabling stronger Regional Integration and Economic Development. Recognising this impact in other regions and understanding the importance these technologies hold going forward, SADC aims to develop the information and communications sector within Southern Africa. As present, information and communication technologies in SADC are as follows: Approximately 60% of the population has adopted mobile technology, with regional ranges from 20% to 100% (SADC, 2012).

SADC region continue to invest in digital channels to engage with this expanding audience. As a result they are constantly growing their digital footprint; be it on the web, through the development of mobile applications or through social media. This has significantly increased their digital attack surface and therefore their exposure to cyber threats. In addition to defending their own digital assets, they also have to deal with the growing problem of cyber impersonation, whether it be domain infringement, web and mobile phishing or executive and brand impersonation on social media. RiskIQ Digital Footprint and External Threats solutions help organisations tackle both problems.

"It is truly astonishing how exposed we really are, when we start to map our digital footprint as organisations, and I'm not referring to the traditional security services. I'm referring to the real sensitive data that is unintentionally exposed by the good, intentionally exposed by the bad for malicious intent, to the uncontrolled, ungoverned digital world without our knowledge or consent."

RiskIQ helps to collectively gather all digital footprint data, and present the flaws within, in real time. Safeguarding data on the Web, social platforms and mobile applications, globally; an absolute must have for every company.

We are very excited about our security partnership with RiskIQ and the value we will jointly bring to our reseller network and through them to customers within the SADC regions." - Morn'e janse van Rensburg, CTO, Obscure Technologies.

"There has never been a more pressing time for organisations to focus on External Threats, as much as they do on perimeter security," said Trevor Crompton, RiskIQ's EMEA Channel Director. "Bringing visibility and management to the external attack surface is core to RiskIQ's solution and we are delighted to be able to extend this to organisations across Southern Africa, working with Obscure Technologies. I am very pleased to able to harness Obscure Technologies' seasoned expertise and knowledge of this diverse market - and excited about what we can achieve together."


RiskIQ is a cybersecurity company that helps organisations discover and protect their external facing known, unknown and 3rd party Web, mobile and social digital assets. The company's external threat management platform combines a worldwide proxy network with synthetic clients that emulate users to monitor, detect and take down malicious and copycat apps, drive by malware and malvertisements. RiskIQ is being used by leading financial institutions and other companies to protect their web assets and users from external security threats and fraud. It is headquartered in San Francisco and backed by growth equity firms Summit Partners and Battery Ventures.

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Obscure Technologies

Obscure Technologies is a firm of experts, specialised in brokering the best security solutions to market. Obscure Technologies dreams, lives and breathes security - which, for us, is more than selling a point security product.

It's about serving as a valued channel for vendors and customers through the promotion of information security products, and demystifying murky concepts.

By keeping up to date with dynamic security trends, global developments, local markets and the uppermost benchmarks of service, it is able to sustain and enhance our own expertise. This culminates in end-to-end innovative technology and professional solutions for its partner community.

Obscure Technologies is inspired by blazing new trails in its niche; by forging new paths in its industry. It is driven by creativity, courage and spirit, and we're driven to develop technology brands alongside its partners and clients.

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