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Johannesburg, 27 Sep 2016
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Hetzner has been in the Web hosting business since 1999. While technology has evolved, one thing hasn't changed: its commitment to its customers' success. It is passionate about offering you the best Web hosting service and support, day and night.

Hetzner's goal is to respond to customer e-mails within two hours, while telephone calls should be on hold for no longer than eight seconds and shouldn't ring more than twice before being answered. It is able to achieve this goal 95% of the time.

In its quest to continuously improve and scale its customer service experience Hetzner has focused on the following areas:

* Optimising workflows in the contact centre: the recent introduction of its Service Level Coordinator (SLC) in the admin and billing department has meant that it has been able to consistently meet its e-mail two hour response goal over the last month. The SLC is responsible for directing the flow of customer communication through its contact centre by channelling e-mails to the right people, at the right time, and with the right level of urgency.

"I opened a ticket via e-mail and it was resolved within two hours. You guys just keep on surprising our customers." - daps87 via hellopeter

* First time resolution: Every e-mail or phone call is responded to by a technically knowledgeable person who is able to identify problems and troubleshoot solutions with you, from billing queries to technical server issues. At the heart of this consultative process is its "first time resolution" approach: Hetzner's consultants aim to provide comprehensive and accurate responses to minimise the time it takes to resolve customer issues.

"Thank you, that's one comprehensive response. You have given me exactly what I was looking for" - Ryan Smith

* Empowering its customers: Hetzner is constantly publishing, reviewing and improving its Help Centre knowledge base, which is made up of over 500 articles, so that you can find the answers you're looking for without needing to call its contact centre. It has identified the topics its customers seek assistance with the most: e-mail setup and troubleshooting together with domain transfer have been the most frequent requests, which has resulted in the creation of its E-mail Setup Guide and Domain Transfer Guide.

* 24/7 assistance: Hetzner's support team is available round-the-clock to assist with your queries. This reassuring benefit means that you're never far away from a consultant in case of an emergency.

"I really appreciate dealing with customer centric support staff. Thank you so much for your kind assistance and speedy resolution to my issue" - Ralph M"uller

At the end of every e-mail and phone call is a Hetzner consultant that cares greatly about meeting your needs. Today over 40 000 customers trust Hetzner as their hosting partner and it works hard to keep that trust. Hetzner would love to hear from you: send it your feedback and tell it what you think of its service.

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