allaboutXpert steps up a gear with Scheduling Best Practice Boot Camp

allaboutXpert offers a boot camp for experienced schedulers to hone their scheduling skills, increase business value-add and increase investment in scheduling software.

Johannesburg, 03 Jun 2015
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As a project management consultant, allaboutXpert has been on the frontline of projects for well over 10 years. The company understands what works and what doesn't when it comes to projects, and is now offering this experience to its clients in the form of its Scheduling Best Practice Boot Camp.

The value of scheduling as a skill and practice within projects should not be under-estimated.

Scheduling is more than the software purchased to create project schedules; it is about the investment in a skill set to add value to a project, your objectives, and ultimately, to the entire organisation.

Best practice scheduling will enable the project management community to enhance its reporting, increase project data validity and accuracy to better deliver and align projects, programmes and portfolios.

allaboutXpert's new Scheduling Best Practice Boot Camp is all about sharing the company's knowledge and real world experience with its clients.

Unlike the majority of project software training courses, allaboutXpert's boot camp offers 'hands-on' scheduling principles and its very own tried and tested best practices through an intensive three-day workshop. Boot camp is designed to improve a scheduler's efficiency and effectiveness of project schedules.

Regardless of the software program or scheduling tool that is used in your environment, the skills and principles practised in Scheduling Best Practice Boot Camp are applicable to any and all scheduling scenarios.

Scheduling is not just durations and task lists - it is about actively planning, managing and controlling projects. Designed by allaboutXpert's consultants, Scheduling Best Practice Boot Camp is for project managers and project schedulers who want to hone their skills.

A course designed from the bottom up, with truly practical outcomes.

Learn more about boot camp and enlist today!

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