Tracer Mobile Workforce fills the ERP gap in Africa

Finalist of the 702 Business Accelerator with Nedbank 2012 campaign.

Johannesburg, 28 Nov 2012
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Tracer Mobile Workforce has quickly established itself as the software solution of choice for companies that are managing mobile workforces across Africa, a position that has been further validated by it receiving a Finalist nomination in the 702 Business Accelerator with Nedbank 2012 campaign.

"It's a real honour to have received this accolade considering the calibre of small business in the country, and is testimony to other entrepreneurs to take up every opportunity that is presented to them," comments Cobus van Graan, CEO. "We're very grateful to the team behind the campaign for the business advice they provided, as part of our nomination, as well as the media coverage we received on 702. It's a big deal for SMEs to get this kind of exposure."

Tracer Mobile Workforce provides software to companies predominantly in Africa, but also a few international countries, that enables the efficient management of geographically dispersed workforces. There is a tremendous gap in functionality between a company's ERP systems and its mobile workers. What people forget is that the people out in the field or on the road are not IT people and they're not sitting in front of their computers all day. So any systems they're required to engage with have to be geared to mobile devices, easy to access (considering connectivity issues) and simple in their user experience, but also dynamic in the data they process and insight they provide.

To get around this issue of IT literacy and access, companies still use paper-based systems, which are slow, ineffectual and so prone to human error that it renders the system useless. Field staff are often expected to drive to a central office once a week to input their data into a shared computer or send a fax from their remote location if they're connected; that's if they can't access their company's system from their home PCs in the evening if there are no firewall issues.

There isn't a business that can admit to operating completely efficiently. TracerMW is one of the many technology solutions that companies can use to improve their processes, introduce cost efficiencies, time savings and communicate better with their workers. The solution is written with a thorough understanding of mobile workers and the environment within which they operate. Companies need only take on the modules they require so they're not tied into large enterprise systems with licensing fees that are also complex and data- and process-heavy. This solution allows companies to select a module for a specific purpose and integrate it with the company's processes and existing software assets.

Imagine trying to organise the launch of a new feature of an existing product to your field agents spread over 13 countries. Do you spend money flying everyone to a single location to make the announcement? It's not significant enough to warrant the expense, but definitely worthwhile communicating it. While staff are likely to enjoy the get-together, it hardly justifies the time out of the business, so TracerMW uses mobile technology to instantly alert your chosen audience to whatever announcement or communication needs to be made. No delays or time off work, and for a nominal fee, you can add the WyseTalk collaboration module that enables you to field comments and requests for more information from your target group. Moreover, the fact that everyone can see the dialogue means less e-mail, phone or fax communication.

The less you see of a sales person, the better, but making sure they have access to the right information is paramount, as is the feedback they provide in the form of job cards, order processing and billing information. This system can be completely automated using TracerMW's solution. The end result is improved cash management of your business and the ability to provide better service to your customers.

"One cannot underestimate the value this technology has added to companies by radically improving the way they're able to deliver services to their customers," says Van Graan. "Our local presence, flexible customisation capability, agile approach and scalable solutions are just some of the reasons we're gaining widespread traction in Africa."

Tracer Mobile Workforce

Tracer Mobile Workforce provides technology solutions that optimise the productivity, management and information flow between a company and its distributed workforce. Sold exclusively through resellers, its activity modules are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing technology platforms and operate on multiple mobile and desktop technology platforms. For more information, please visit

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