Rubrik unveils mid-market solution with Complete Edition

Dedicated appliance enables mid-market customers to leverage full data protection, recovery and management.

Johannesburg, 01 Feb 2021
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Rubrik, the cloud data management company, today announced the local availability of Rubrik Complete Edition, a full enterprise backup and recovery solution tailored to meet the needs of the mid-market. 

With Rubrik Complete Edition, mid-market companies new to Rubrik will be able to take advantage of enterprise-grade backup and instant data recovery across on-premises and in hybrid cloud environments. An affordable and easy-to-deploy appliance, it eliminates backup complexity by integrating data orchestration, catalogue management and continuous data protection into a single software platform. It is an ideal solution for customers looking to recover data instantly and the perfect fit for companies needing to roll back from a ransomware attack.

“No matter their size, companies are more frequently finding themselves in a hybrid cloud environment further fuelled by the remote working surge we have evidenced as a result of the COVID pandemic. The Rubrik Complete Edition bundle has been developed in response to a growing need from mid-market customers for an enterprise-grade data management solution. In particular, one to help them better manage, and in the event of a security breach or outage, recover their data instantly," said Werner Vorster, Country Manager, Rubrik Sub-Saharan Africa. “More importantly, we are offering the bundle at a price point suited to the mid-market, stripping away the complexity of installation with a plug and play approach – companies can have their backups up and running in 45 minutes.”

Key benefits of the Rubrik Cloud Data Management platform include:

  • Simplicity by consolidating multiple data management components;
  • Fast backup and instant data restore using flash storage;
  • Cloud out of the box with granular multi-cloud support;
  • Secure by design because of its unique immutable architecture; and
  • Cost savings with an all-in-one solution.

Because it has been built on the premise of a software-defined HCI architecture, leveraging the Rubrik Cloud Data Management platform, the appliance requires little technical intervention to get up and running. In addition, as it is the only commercially available immutable data recovery file system, customers are assured their data is safe in case of a ransomware attack. Security is inherent as Rubrik includes end-to-end encryption and customers have the option to add Radar, which uses machine learning and analytics to look for anomalous behaviour within their data. This added protection offers full visibility into the system in the event of a cyber attack and allows them to recover quickly.

Appliance options

Customers can purchase Rubrik Complete Edition in two options, a 30TB usable and 60TB usable version, both of which are offered as a three-year minimum subscription inclusive of software, hardware and support. Both options boast cloud-native protection and support, with offloading to the cloud available in just four clicks.

Rubrik Complete 30TB Usable includes:

  • 100 cloud-native instances, GPS, CloudOut and Rubrik Cloud Data Management
  • Includes three years of basic support

Rubrik Complete 60TB Usable includes:

  • 200 cloud-native instances, GPS, CloudOut and Rubrik Cloud Data Management
  • Includes three years of basic support

“Data governance and compliance are at the forefront of customers' minds, even more so as their data moves further away from their physical premises and into both private and public clouds. At Rubrik, we offer clients a simplified means to pull all of that under a single environment, which is easy to use and deploy, and is secure and cloud-ready. Complete Edition is attractive because it allows a client to consolidate their data management in the same way an enterprise customer does without losing any functionality,” ends Vorster. 

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