IronTree announces new solutions at annual roadshow

In addition to its core online data backup solution, IronTree is also offering solutions that fulfil complete functions to ensure business continuity.

Johannesburg, 23 Aug 2019
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Success! The IronTree team has returned from its annual roadshow, after visiting five major cities and sharing its news and latest tech with more than 130 resellers.

Through compelling presentations and Q&A time, team members explained the way business is moving forward in the digital age, and how IronTree has transformed its services to keep ahead of the IT times.

In addition to the company's core online data backup solution, IronTree now also offers solutions that fulfil complete functions in the name of business continuity, such as Virtual Private Server hosting and Advanced Disaster Recovery as a service.

Some 17 000 businesses use IronTree for their business continuity solutions, and even though IronTree has taken leaps forward in terms of its technology, it still gives its loyal resellers the same old-fashioned support.

As joint CEO of IronTree David Lees says: “Despite the trend towards cloud-hosted solutions that potentially move the support role from the reseller on to the vendor, we have no intention of marginalising our resellers. We recognise that our resellers are trusted advisers to our end-users.”

IronTree has been in business for more than 10 years and has always worked with the reseller model. Today it continues to offer the same generous rebates for solutions sold by resellers, even though the software is now delivered via the cloud, and resellers don’t have the work of manual installation to do.

As a result, IronTree’s reseller “channel” continues to be a strong part of the business. It still offers a generous monthly recurring rebate of up to 20% for cybersecurity, VPS hosting, cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions sold via its resellers.

IronTree asked one of its most successful resellers, David Malan from Elmar Accounting and Computer Services, what his secret is. He said: “We don’t sell products we don’t believe in. If we don’t trust a product enough to use it ourselves, we don’t sell it. IronTree’s solutions really work.”

Malan also said: “Every customer is someone to us and, together with IronTree’s excellent aftermarket support, we can offer the value our clients are looking for.”

IronTree provides data management, recoverability, prevention, compliance and planning services that enable businesses to thrive.

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