tdglobal expands international footprint, brings new data and digital technologies to Africa

Johannesburg, 27 Feb 2019
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Left to right - James Mesney, Kevin Hardy, Alan Cowley, Stuart Pearch, Wayne Borcher, Justin Lancaster.
Left to right - James Mesney, Kevin Hardy, Alan Cowley, Stuart Pearch, Wayne Borcher, Justin Lancaster.

tdglobal, a data and digital services solutions and software provider, launched its global market strategy at a three-day conference in Midrand, Gauteng, early in February 2019. tdglobal announced the expansion of its footprint; with its head office established in Singapore, it has expanded into Europe and MEA. In collaboration with its local partner, Strategic Solution Architects (SSA), in South Africa, it will be bringing powerful data technologies to the local market for the first time.

Stuart Pearce has been appointed CEO of tdglobal and will work closely with chairman Alan Cowley and Chief Operating Officer Wayne Borcher to grow the business's presence in strategic markets.

Speaking at the event, Pearce said tdglobal was in business to help customers solve their data challenges, make better decisions, and monetise their information to achieve better outcomes. "We've set ambitious growth targets for the next few years, but we're confident that we have the best people and the right tools for the job. Our strategy is to partner with our customers on their data and digital journeys, whether they're just starting out and need help finding their data, or they're running advanced analytics projects and need help with processing extreme data."

tdglobal has an extensive ecosystem of partners with capabilities in app development, e-commerce enablement, database management, cloud services, consulting and managed services.

"This industry changes rapidly. Unless you're in the thick of it, it's hard to know which solutions can best meet you where you're at in your data journey," said Cowley. "Our mission is to help customers make the right technology decisions so that they can gain confidence in their data to fundamentally change the direction of their business. We help them take back control of their data, so they can own the customer experience, improve operations, and grow."

Solutions for extreme data enablement

tdglobal has partnered with Kinetica to bring advanced data processing and analytics technologies to the market. This is the first time these solutions are available in South Africa.

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Kinetica is an insights engine, built for analytics, that processes 'extreme data' using GPU technology, sometimes at speeds hundreds of times faster than CPU technology. It combines a GPU database, real-time localisation visualisation, and artificial intelligence to enable near real-time analysis of streaming data, allowing businesses to make in-the-moment decisions.

"Kinetica is the first solution to use GPU technology to enable breakthrough performance and accelerated insights," said James Mesney at Kinetica. "It was originally developed for the United States Army to track and analyse national security threats in real-time. Now, we're bringing that processing power to businesses, enabling them to visualise massive data sets and to move from batch processing to instant analysis, using their existing BI tools and technology, and at a fraction of the cost of other data-processing solutions."

Building strong foundations

"Everyone is talking about AI, machine learning, and robotics, but many businesses are still struggling to get the basics right. They don't yet trust their data and are still making gut decisions, rather than informed, accurate, business-changing decisions," says Pearce. "Our mission is to help our customers to become insight-driven, to help them get data management and governance right, to help them with their cloud strategies, and to reduce their risk exposure. Then we'll start having the AI and cognitive computing conversations."

tdglobal is headquartered in Singapore, with offices in South Africa and Holland. For more information about channel opportunities, contact Borcher at


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