How to become customer-centric

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Lynton Peters
Lynton Peters

Customer centricity is about putting the customer at the heart of your business and understanding their wants and needs. 

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A customer-centric strategy helps companies recognise unfulfilled customer needs and take advantage of opportunities to increase customer satisfaction and grow the business.

So says Lynton Peters, CEO of One Cart, who will be presenting on ’How to evolve and align your business to become more customer centric’, at the ITWeb CX Summit 2019, to be held on 15 October, at The Forum in Bryanston.

“Consumers have many choices of where to buy goods, so creating a unique, high-quality shopping experience can be just as important for getting customers to come back as the products themselves,” he adds. 

According to Peters, businesses need to display a genuine commitment to customer focus and this needs to come from the top of the organisation. “They need to enable employees to address customers’ needs proactively and reward customer-focused behaviour.”

It is important for organisations to understand the value customers bring and what their needs are, he explains. Businesses that do not understand their customers will battle to create a truly customer-centric experience. 

“User experience can be the determining factor as to whether a customer will return or not, and therefore every aspect of the customer journey needs to be well thought out and should ultimately improve the quality of the user's interaction with and perceptions of your product or service.”

Lastly, businesses should focus on metrics and continuous feedback from both customers and employees in order to measure and improve current processes, Peters adds. 

Delegates attending his talk, will learn how to grow and build a customer-centric business.

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