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Johannesburg, 19 Apr 2018
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A database system health check assesses if your database is running optimally, and can help diagnose challenges before performance issues and/or downtime affect your users.

That's where Ascent's Database Health Check Service comes in. The Database Health Check Service is a structured consulting engagement that provides suggestions for best practices regarding maintenance, and offers recommendations for architecture and performance tuning.

Database system review

The road to optimum performance begins with an inventory of your database system. Ascent will check all the KPIs that can affect database performance and stability, including memory, I/O, disk speed, logs, backups, start-up parameters and disk and memory allocation.

Comprehensive health report

Once the system inventory is complete, you will receive a comprehensive health report with best practice suggestions for maintenance and architecture, including a list of high-impact recommendations regarding architecture and performance tuning.

Measurable results

From the health report, you will have a clear insight into how your database system is running today and have the information needed to help prevent challenges tomorrow.

How do I engage with Ascent?

The company encourages you to contact Ascent, and it will assist you on your journey to discover the value that co/outsourcing database services can add to your organisation.

Ascent Technology

Ascent Technology is carving a growing niche for itself by applying high-level skills and expertise on its clients' behalf in the enterprise database management arena. The company has been around since 2003, and has built an outstanding reputation for its expert knowledge and delivery. Microsoft SA, Oracle SA and IBM SA all rate Ascent Technology in the top select handful of organisations in the country in the enterprise database management area of specialisation.

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