Apple adds premium resellers

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Apple is opening two more Apple premium resellers (APRs) in a bid to increase accessibility to its range of products.

This will bring the number of countrywide iStores up to 12, with the new store in Cape Town's Canal Walk opening its doors this past weekend, and one in Sandton City, Johannesburg, to open in early December.

“Visiting an APR is about more than just shopping; it's an experience,” says RJ van Spaandonk, executive director of Core Group. He states that APRs are hubs for Apple products, supplying hardware, software and accessories for Apple devices. Any repairs required during the warranty term are also handled at the APRs.

One of the tactics APRs are using to entice people into iStores is providing free training seminars. Van Spaandonk says: “Innovative ideas regarding retail space, design and interactivity provide an unrivalled shopping experience that, along with the hands-on approach, offers training sessions and seminars that will help people to make the most of their Apple products.”

The seminars will range from a basic introduction to Snow Leopard and the Mac operating systems, to more advanced training on pro applications for the platform.

“An APR is designed to be a base for the Apple community, both new and old, to come in and get some insider information,” says Van Spaandonk.

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