White paper: Maximally available invisible infrastructure

Johannesburg, 29 Apr 2021
Read time 50sec

Business needs are rapidly changing. Digitisation, the Internet of things (IOT), and social media create a data-driven culture where the amount and variety of information produced grows exponentially. New customer demands and the current prevalence of digital disruptors also contribute toward this trend.

Against this background, traditional data management infrastructures are coming under fire as rigid and unable to combine diverse data types. Enterprises today grapple with the problems of storing, managing and securing growing volumes of data as well as extracting insights (information) out of it. And data complexity rapidly increases, with multicloud requirements such as moving data closer to both applications and users.

This paper is geared towards the CDO and explains both the problems involved in current data infrastructure and why a modern data infrastructure solves these issues with much greater flexibility, agility and reliability.

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