Karabina's Insurance Accelerator provides insurers with a complete omni-channel customer experience

Johannesburg, 08 May 2018
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Microsoft Gold Partner, Karabina, is helping insurance businesses transform how their people engage with customers through innovative customer engagement business solutions. The solutions take full advantage of the power, simplicity and security of Microsoft's Cloud, Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Platform (CE), artificial intelligence, bot and Karabina's capabilities as a leader in industry and digital transformation to help insurance companies unlock new revenue streams, increase productivity, reduce costs and improve the customer experience.

Karabina's Insurance Accelerator for Dynamics 365 CE helps clients transform how they engage with customers across all channels and at every customer touchpoint by bringing together the ideal combination of the market-leading Microsoft Dynamics platform, an industry focused accelerator solution and our insurance industry consulting expertise. This accelerator solution is tailored to fit the unique processes of CRM users in the insurance industry and has been built upon years' of experience helping insurers to successfully implement Microsoft Dynamics 365.

"More than just business speak, the term 'customer experience' is now firmly established as a vital aspect for digital transformation. A new generation of insurers and technologists are re-tuning customer expectations, attracting consumers and finding new ways to satisfy demands across the insurance value chain. New insurance start-ups want to exploit digitisation to disrupt the market and existing players are now taking strides to bolster their business models to compete in this new environment," said Mo Areff, Karabina's Customer Engagement Lead. "Based on our experience in providing technology solutions to insurance clients, a good place to start is getting to know the customer. Customer insights on product, price, sales and brand - the four key competitive differentiators in business - make it possible to create a sustainable business model that meets the customer's needs at an affordable cost, provides great experience and generates profits."

Karabina observed that insurers focused mainly on the customer-facing elements of the end-user experience, such as faster, intuitive web sites and mobile apps, in their bids to become more customer centric. The next step, and more consequential challenge, is to get to know their customers and intermediaries better. Finally, once those insights are learned, insurers need a corresponding seamless back-office architecture to connect customer data and insights to service delivery and value.

"For many insurers, a mix of old and new technologies, internal and external data, and creaking processes makes it challenging to achieve the levels of back-end systems connectivity required to provide the foundation to enhance customer experiences," adds Areff.

"Fortunately, Karabina's Insurance Accelerator Solution is now available to act as an interface umbrella, helping insurers to view their customer data and provide a seamless customer interface across all communication channels."

The Karabina Insurance Accelerator solution takes full advantage of the latest Microsoft technologies and taps into Karabina's leading customer, digital and analytics capabilities.

For more information regarding the Insurance Accelerator Solution and to attend sessions in Johannesburg and Cape Town showcasing the solution, please contact Karabina -


Karabina's focus is on bringing its people, the Microsoft Cloud Platform and partner products together into experiences and solutions that deliver new value for its customers through six key competency areas:

* Data management & analytics
* Customer engagement
* Digital workplace
* Corporate performance management
* Dynamic operations
* Cloud OS

Founded in 2001, with a current staff complement of over 190 consultants, all focused on Microsoft technology and customer success and over 72 international and local awards, Karabina is the leading Microsoft Gold Partner with the ability to lead your move to the Microsoft Cloud, with solutions that align technology to business strategy.

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