White paper: WebFOCUS 8 delivers super-linear scalability

Johannesburg, 15 Mar 2019
Read time 50sec
WebFOCUS 8 delivers super-linear scalability.
WebFOCUS 8 delivers super-linear scalability.

In the world of business intelligence (BI), we constantly strive for better response times and the ability to support larger number of active users with broader capabilities; in short, to be scalable.

Scalability has always differentiated Information Builders' WebFOCUS BI platform from its competitors. Every vendor claims to be scalable, but actual results show the truth; in benchmarks and customer applications, WebFOCUS consistently supports more concurrent users than any other vendor.

This white paper contains a performance benchmark study that will help you to determine the hardware requirements for concurrent users on a BI platform. This is crucial to meet the increasing demands for increasing user adoption of BI apps throughout the enterprise, especially for externally facing BI applications that create competitive differentiation.

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