Madge unveils future-proof LAN tools

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Madge Networks has launched Madge Perspective LAN Tools, future-proofed software for Token Ring customers.

Containing Madge's latest LAN Support Software drivers (LSS6.1) and a suite of desktop management utilities, the kit empowers network managers to standardise installation, enhance network security and run diagnostics.

"When used with next generation Madge Token Ring adapters, the kit supports current proprietary Wake-on-LAN power management and the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI), a new industry initiative enabling network managers to control workstation power centrally," explained Madge Africa technical specialist Ronald Bartels.

"With Madge Perspective LAN Tools, network managers can save time by creating one installation procedure for any of Madge's PCI, ISA or PC Card adapters with any common PC operating system, including DOS, OS/2; Novell NetWare; Microsoft Windows 95, 98 and NT; UNIX; and Apple Macintosh," he said.

Madge has included support for planned Madge adapter upgrades and next generation PC operating systems, enabling network managers to have confidence that the network drivers deployed today anticipate their PC roll-out needs in the future.

The ACPI support feature of Madge Perspective LAN Tools provides additional time and cost savings by allowing network managers to turn compatible workstations on and off as needed from a central location. As well as helping to reduce energy costs, this precise power management control enables administration tasks such as software downloads to be performed remotely and outside of normal working hours.

Further desktop management features provided by Madge Perspective LAN Tools include:

  • Graphical utility pack providing adapter diagnostics and configuration along with an HTML documentation browser, hardware scripting feature and disk creation utility
  • Driver revision manager for upgrading to a new version of the Windows 95, 98 or Windows NT driver
  • Management agent for Desktop Management Interface version 2.0, enabling standard desktop management applications such as Intel LANDesk software to audit the Token Ring desktop *Adapter status and error report utility
  • Windows application that displays useful version information for Madge software
  • Quick diagnostics tool to test either individual adapters or the connection between two adapters on a Token Ring network
  • Card Services emulator for DOS and OS/2 that allows PCMCIA and CardBus adapters to be deployed without the large memory overhead of standard Card Services software

To ensure that all the desktop management features do not pose a security risk, Madge Perspective LAN Tools allows network managers to disable network traffic interrogation on adapters. This measure prevents desktop users from being able to monitor sensitive network traffic.

"With its high performance network drivers and desktop management utilities, Madge Perspective LAN Tools helps make network manager's lives easier. By standardising network installation and enabling managers to take advantage of power management initiatives, the software kit frees up time and energy which can be can devoted to broader issues such as Year 2000 compliance. No other vendor offers a similar, comprehensive range of support for their adapter ranges," Bartels said.

Madge Perspective LAN Tools is targeted for shipment with all Madge adapters in September, and will be available for download from the Madge web site in August.

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