'Virtual attorney' offers entrepreneurs legal advice

M. Prem Attorneys, a local law firm specialising in corporate advisory and business law, has introduced eLegl, an online legal resource centre for entrepreneurs.

According to a statement, the new platform seeks to change the way growing businesses access legal knowledge and services.

Described as a knowledge centre for entrepreneurs, the platform aims to bridge the gap between legal expertise and entrepreneurship.

In their business journeys, entrepreneurs are often faced with multiple legal issues, which they may not be equipped to handle. These include following corporate compliance laws; intellectual property laws, such as trademark and copyright requirements; drafting partnership and employee contracts; competition law; and disclosure/truthfulness in product or services claims.

The platform encompasses a Legal Academy, which is accompanied by a legal “health-check or diagnostic tool” that identifies gaps or shortfalls in the legal framework of the business, according to the company.

Founder Monisha Prem describes eLegl's Legal Academy as a "legal bootcamp” offering practical remote-learning courses designed to equip business owners with the legal expertise they need to run successful ventures.

"In South Africa, entrepreneurs must become legal citizens to thrive. Without a solid grasp of the law, they may struggle in key business areas and face contractual and compliance issues.

“SMEs are crucial for the country's economic growth, and government acknowledges their significance by entrenching development programmes," notes Prem, a legal and business practitioner with over two decades of experience in entrepreneurship, business, finance and law.

Price packages vary according to entrepreneurs’ requirements, notes the company.

Prem says the Legal Academy curriculum covers contract negotiations, compliance, governance and labour law, at entry and advanced levels − including mergers and acquisitions for more mature enterprises – made available online.

“Due to their busy schedules running their businesses, business owners often struggle with attending training sessions.

“Our team of lawyers have real-world experience working with growing businesses. By combining fun and practical elements, we ensure our training is not only enjoyable but also highly-applicable to entrepreneurs.”

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