Asphalt Yacht Club selects Sync's apparel ERP software

Johannesburg, 10 Feb 2017
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Fact sheet
Solution: Sync's ERP and PLM software system
Industry: Lifestyle
Provider: ISync Solutions
User: Asphalt Yacht Club

Asphalt Yacht Club (AYC), a premium skateboarding and lifestyle brand, is the latest company in Orange County, California, to implement Sync's ERP and PLM software system.

Sync is providing a full apparel ERP solution for AYC by implementing:

* Product development and costing;
* Sales management;
* Purchase order management;
* B2B e-commerce;
* Shopify B2C e-commerce integration;
* Inventory allocation;
* Scan and pack;
* Warehouse management;
* Shipstation integration;
* 3PL integration; and
* Dashboard reporting.

Sync's 22 comprehensive modules are designed to effortlessly manage a style from inception to completion. Sync seamlessly connects to other great systems like QuickBooks, Sage, Xero, Shopify, Magento and Shipstation, making it possible to connect your systems together and provide unparalleled efficiency.

Each module comes with a standard set of reports and dashboards that are designed to provide critical up-to-the-minute information to users, resulting in greater control and traceability, and ultimately, better business decisions.

"Sync is an all-encompassing apparel software system and its affordability, along with the onsite, in-depth training and customer support, plus built-in integration with 30+ other systems such as Shopify and Shipstation, are some of the reasons why companies such as AYC are selecting Sync software rather than competing products," said Peter Booysen, CEO of iSync Solutions.

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