Piilo simplifies HR processes for SMEs

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Piilo Software has unveiled its Microsoft Azure cloud platform, targeting SMEs that are ready to leverage the benefits of cloud computing.

In a recent interview, Piilo Software CEO and founder, Phil L"otter, said the service aims to improve employee management, from planning and recruiting, to growing and retaining talent.

"Whether you are a business owner, a line manager or an HR professional, Piilo Software is designed to improve the management of your employee life cycle," he said.

According to L"otter, Piilo provides businesses with increased flexibility when it comes to choosing and managing HR and talent management software.

"We think of our software as being similar to Lego blocks, where one selects the software modules required for the business based on operational requirements and budget. There are no minimum subscriptions or forced software bundling, meaning a business only buys user subscriptions for the modules it requires," explained L"otter.

"A pay-as-you-go option for smaller businesses helps manage cash flows, while larger companies can make their purchases monthly or annually at a discounted fee. This means a small company can select more operationally focused modules to manage employees," he continued.

According to L"otter, the company is focused on making HR and talent management convenient, practical and affordable for any size business that wants the benefits of cloud computing and mobility when managing its employees and talent.

"Our innovation is focused on using new technologies and applying this in the human resources space to support businesses. We believe our solutions address business concerns around a mobile workforce, value add of HR to business bottom line, standardisation of HR practices, reduction in IT costs, increased flexibility of IT to grow with business requirements, and ability to service branches and subsidiaries in other countries or regions on one platform," he said.

He mentioned some of the challenges of current management solutions, explaining how Piilo's software could assist.

"A challenge with current HR and talent management solutions is that they are too complex for companies to implement successfully. Operational line managers don't have the in-depth knowledge of talent management, nor do they have time to focus only on people management. With Piilo, we have simplified the solutions to ensure the manager and employee understand what is required and that talent management becomes valuable to your business. Our solutions also address people management, such as time and leave, to effectively deal with employee admin," he explained.

Pricing ranges from R9 to R14 per user per month, on a subscription basis, based on volume. For this price, the company reports that users get the latest releases of the software, backed up data, and assured business continuity.

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