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Mondia Pay partners with Cell C to offer new digital payment option to over 16m mobile subscribers for Huawei AppGallery, MePlay services

Mondia Pay and Cell C are committed to increasing payment accessibility across SA by providing Cell C customers with additional convenient payment options using digital payment services.

Johannesburg, 09 Dec 2021
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Cell C, a leading mobile operator in South Africa, has joined forces with Mondia Pay to offer Cell C subscribers the ability to use their mobile balances to purchase apps and games available on the Huawei AppGallery, as well as to access MePlay content and services. This is the first Cell C and Mondia Pay integration offering Cell C customers, using Huawei devices, this digital payment service. This is also the first roll-out of these types of services and, with many more carrier integrations on the way, to increase access points to other Cell C offerings.

Mondia Pay, Mondia’s digital payment entity and one of Africa’s leading fintech companies, has implemented its digital payments services to enable secure, seamless and contactless payments for Cell C users in South Africa.

Cell C mobile subscribers with Huawei handsets are now able to utilise their mobile balances to pay for apps available on the Huawei AppGallery. Mondia Pay also enables all Cell C subscribers to use digital payments to access MePlay services. MePlay is a leading online retailer and certified distributor of digital wallet top-ups, codes and content from the world's most popular stores, through the instant delivery of all codes for video games, apps, music, movies, TV content and many others.

Cell C Chief Commercial Office, Simo Mkhize, said: “This partnership is in line with our ambition to be a digital lifestyle provider for our customers. We are proud to be able to offer our customers this new Mondia Pay Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) payment option for enhanced access to our Cell C mobile services and digital content offerings. It’s another proof point of our transition journey from a telco to a techco, enabling our customers to consume various types of content through the Cell C platforms.”

“We are extremely proud of our partnership with Cell C to bring Mondia Pay’s fully integrated digital payment technology to serve Cell C’s customers. Mondia Pay is also available on Huawei’s AppGallery as a direct carrier billing service to facilitate online consumer payments via a mobile credit balance. We remain committed to delivering innovative digital payment solutions that enable mobile operators to move towards creating cashless societies and promoting financial inclusion throughout the African continent,” said Simon Rahmann, CEO, Mondia Pay.

Mondia Pay processes well over 2.1 billion monthly transactions globally and provides a simple, fast and secure way for mobile subscribers to pay for services using their mobile phone.

Adam Xiao, Managing Director of Huawei Mobile Services for Middle East and Africa, Huawei Consumer Business Group, said: “This initiative provides Cell C and Huawei customers in South Africa with an additional and seamless payment option through Mondia Pay’s direct carrier billing service. Mondia Pay provides for confidential, secure and contactless payments that protect the privacy of our users. We believe that this innovative technology also creates enhanced ease of access to Huawei AppGallery for our customers.”

The benefits of DCB

DCB requires mobile users to only enter their phone number to make a payment. In contrast, card-based payments require the user to share their name, card number, home address and other personal information. Due to a shorter checkout flow, merchants using both payment methods report up to 10 times better conversion rates with carrier billing than with credit cards.

Making payments with DCB is secure. No personal data is transmitted during the payment process so there is no need to worry about identity theft. It also requires the user to confirm the payment on a physical device and thus makes card-not-present type fraud impossible, increases consumer trust and, as a result, improves the payment conversion rate.

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