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Falcon Electronics to increase stockholding of ATEN products by 40%

Client companies to benefit from more immediate access to a greater range of KVM switches and related products.

Johannesburg, 13 Jun 2011
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Falcon Electronics, a leading provider of communications connectivity solutions, has announced that it will be increasing its stockholding of ATEN International products by 40%. This comes after ATEN recently renewed its licensing agreement with Falcon, which was the first licensed distributor of ATEN products in South Africa.

Four years on, Falcon is still the only company that provides custom-designed networking, data centre and communications solutions using ATEN KVM switches and related products, which it does through a nationwide network of branches.

“As the complexity of the networked environment increases exponentially, client companies require more immediate access to a wider range of products, as well as to the expertise required to design, build, maintain and develop their hardware platforms,” says Darrian Bhana of Falcon Electronics.

Bhana emphasises that expertise and back-up is as important to data centre managers, IT infrastructure managers, network managers and directors of operations as ATEN's world-class products.

“Every year we invest in sending a team of five representatives to ATEN in Taiwan for in-depth product training. This kind of expertise enables greater responsiveness in the delivery of our business services to our clients during both the pre-sales and post-sales periods.”

Falcon's comprehensive ATEN solutions offering also include such benefits as inventory swap-outs, expert on-site support, and access to online support.

International is one of the world's leading manufacturers of KVM switches and related equipment, and is a trusted name in large network and data centre environments. Specifically, ATEN products help to improve data centre racking management, and to bring important new technologies to multimedia providers.

“The kind of technological advantages offered by integrated ATEN solutions can't be underestimated,” says Bhana. “In the highly competitive environment in which many of our clients operate, these are advantages that can gain critical market share at important times in a company's development, and which can consolidate customer loyalty. This not only benefits sales and marketing in the long-term, but significantly raises the barriers to entry for competitors.”

Meeting the growing demand for ATEN connectivity in Africa is only one of the reasons the company has partnered with Falcon Electronics, says Allan Sun, Assistant Vice-President of Sales for ATEN International.

“Making a wider range of products immediately available to the rapidly-growing South African market is naturally essential,” he says, “but this has to be backed up with the expertise, systems and processes necessary to support ATEN solutions.

“The smooth delivery of this kind of integrated offering is why we are proud to continue partnering with Falcon - in order to provide our customers with cutting-edge KVM solutions they believe is key to their operational efficiency in their network, data centre and communications area.

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