White paper: Do you have a trustworthy single source of truth in your data?

Johannesburg, 02 Sep 2020
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As industries grapple with the relentless growth in data complexity, volume and accuracy, the practice of Master Data Management has filled a critical role in ensuring data integrity. Businesses no longer have the luxury of pouring over aged reports and rendering strategic decisions in weeks; instead, businesses are becoming increasingly driven toward real-time or near-real-time decision enablement.

Unfortunately, real-time decision enablement requires extensive efforts to ensure the accuracy and quality of data, which is difficult, if not impossible, for organisations to accomplish. Master Data Management (MDM) programs, however, are designed to provide the highest level of on-going data accuracy and integrity in the business. 

Not only can MDM data be leveraged to provide current insights and intelligence for strategic uses, but MDM also serves to eliminate cross-departmental decisions that conflict due to multiple sources of the truth.

This paper discusses the need for, and the practical uses of Master Data Management in organisations where data drives decisions, and inaccurate data can materially harm the business. It also highlights Globetom’s capabilities and exceptional track record in this domain.

MDM is foundational to Globetom’s Integration Services Platform proposition, deployable either as a cloud-based solution, in a hybrid architecture or on-premises. Visit the Web site on to see more about the company’s worldwide Integration Platform Service implementations showcasing our MDM capabilities.

About Globetom

Globetom provides global companies with agility and speed to market at scale by developing highly-engineered cloud-ready technology which leverages APIs and related process capital, resulting in bespoke solutions for real-time integration.

Globetom was established in 2002 in South Africa and has since developed specialised solutions in the aviation and telecommunication sector globally. Globetom has a presence in the following markets: USA, New Zealand, UK, Zambia, Lesotho, Japan, Canada, UAE and South Africa.

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