Data is the fuel that powers AI-driven CX

Genesys is hosting a Blended AI Summit to explore how AI can improve the cus-tomer experience within contact centres.

Johannesburg, 13 Jun 2019
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There’s currently a lot of hype around artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, driven in part by easier access to computing power. Tasks that in the past could only be handled by super computers can now be done by anyone with the right solution, on an every-day personal computer.

“The hype can be overwhelming for businesses,” says Adriaan van Staden, senior sales manager, SEA at Genesys, a customer experiences (CX) organisation.

With this in mind, Genesys is hosting a Blended AI Summit on 2 July 2019 at the Maslow Hotel in Sandton. The event will be assessing the impact of AI on customer experience, and how organisations can serve their clients better.

AI is also bringing a lot of computing power, says Van Staden. “Electronic circuits function about a million times faster than biochemical ones, meaning we’re looking at about 20 000 years of human-level intellectual work done by machines in a week. That’s a lot of power.”

Genesys Blended AI Summit 2019
Register today to secure your free seat at the exciting Genesys Blended AI Summit 2019, taking place on the 2 July 2019 at the Maslow Hotel in Sandton. During the event, we will be discussing the impact AI has on customer experience and how it has changed the way businesses operate. To book your seat, click here.

So how can this power be applied to business needs? “While AI can crunch enormous amounts of data, understand relationships in the data, and create predictive behavioural models, AI should be used to assist and enhance human experiences,” says Van Staden. “Customers’ lives become easier with proactive engagement and guided self-service. Employees become smarter and more confident with AI assistance and coaching.”

In addition, he says business leaders have found that they can drive business outcomes more effectively and efficiently through the use of AI and machine learning. “The most effective customer journeys focus on customer intent and desired business outcomes, and are delivered through a blend of AI.”

But AI is not without its challenges. “Analysts have identified the biggest challenges for the adoption of AI by organisations as being, firstly, understanding how AI fits into their strategy, and secondly, identifying the specific use cases for AI in their business.”

He says Genesys has designed an assessment to explore and document an organisation’s customer journeys, and to identify opportunities and use cases for integrating AI into the customer and employee experience.

Van Staden is one of the speakers at the Genesys Blended AI Summit and will be joined by other CX thought leaders such as Merijn te Booij, the CMO at Genesys, and Craig Wing, futurist and keynote speaker from FutureWorld. The event is free to attend and targets contact centre professionals who want to learn how AI is impacting contact centres.

Genesys grows business in SA

The company recently moved offices, to Willow Wood Office Park in Broadacres, Johannesburg. Van Staden says the move was motivated by the company’s growth and an increase in the demand for its services. “It’s imperative for Genesys to continue to invest in local skills, and to develop our skills to meet the needs of our business partners, existing customers, as well as new prospects across our territories.”

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