Hello Paisa app enables cross-border grocery shopping

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Hello Paisa, the independent money transfer operator, has introduced an app that makes it possible for Zimbabweans in SA to buy and send essential goods and groceries back home.

Dubbed, originating from an Ndebele word meaning the informal transportation of goods or people, the free app is available for download from the Google Play Store.

Using the app, customers can shop for their goods and groceries, and after paying for the order, customers’ loved ones will be able to collect the products at collection points in Zimbabwe.

Orders can be collected on the same day and customers in Zimbabwe will be contacted to arrange the delivery – the delivery service is free, the company says. “Our extensive network within Zimbabwe has allowed us to do this process without needing to work with any third-parties and we will continue to expand our network so that we can serve as many customers as possible in Zimbabwe and South Africa.”

According to Hello Paisa, the service is not limited to its customers, as any Zimbabwean national with a valid ID can sign up to send goods and groceries home.

The sign-up process is such that if a customer registers for, they will be able to use the remittance service as well. Any customer can sign up by downloading the app and following a few easy steps, explains the remittance service provider.    

Hello Paisa says the concept of Malaicha stemmed from wanting to solve a consumer problem, and adds that the app will complement the company’s existing financial services suite.

Moosa Manjra, CEO of Hello Paisa, says: “We are constantly looking at ways to improve our customers’ lives, and is just another way of doing that. Shopping in SA and getting your goods in Zimbabwe the very same day is a game-changer for any Zimbabwean.”

“Not only does Malaicha allow workers to provide the essentials for their families back home, but it is designed to do so in the simplest manner possible. In fact, only three steps are required: a quick KYC [know your customer] on-boarding, adding the recipient, shopping for goods and groceries, and finally making payment.”

Commenting on whether the app allows shoppers to order products from specific supermarket chain stores, Hello Paisa explains it has managed to source its own goods and groceries to customise the experience on the app and provide customers with what they really need.

“The partnership we have with stores comes into our payment options. Once a customer creates an order, they can choose to settle via a network of common retailers in South Africa. Customers can also place orders and settle at any of our 16 Hello stores nationwide.”

The essential goods available via the app can be anything from basic food items such as cooking oil and sugar, to hygiene products like toothpaste, soap and cream, notes Hello Paisa. “Our customer-centric approach means we are always listening to our customers’ needs to see what we can viably offer them in the future. Other examples include basic electronics and school supplies.”  

According to Hello Paisa, customers can collect their groceries at three stores in Harare, Bulawayo and Mutare. “We are planning to expand our store footprint in Zimbabwe in the near future.”

Although the app is currently only available on Android, Hello Paisa indicates an iOS version is in the works, and will be part of the expansion process. “Our research has shown the vast majority of our customers are on the Android OS; for this reason, we only offer to Android users at this stage to make sure they have the most optimised experience.”

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