Quake fans pledge virtual wedding vows

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Conventional weddings may be out of vogue, but the holy matrimony between BadBoyBubba and db_High this Valentines Day broke all barriers of tradition. The couple chose to tie the knot in a virtual reality wedding, Quake 2 style.

"I always felt that if I got married, I would like to incorporate Quake 2 as part of my big day," says BadBoyBubba, known as Paul to his mother. "The Internet is virtually my life and Quake 2 is where I spend all of my time."

Around 40 guests watched the ceremony from a server hosted by M-Web`s Gamezone ( in Cape Town, while the real-time event took place in the Cyberjack Caf'e in Kempton Park. The dual-550 Dell Xeon was capable of handling 128 simultaneous users.

"While online weddings and special events filmed for live broadcast over the Internet are now commonplace, the idea of a virtual reality wedding taking place inside a computer game is a breakthrough idea," says Antonie Roux, M-Web CEO.

"Injecting real people and events into multiplayer online games, which are accessible in real-time from around the world, gives new meaning to the term cyberspace."

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