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Johannesburg, 18 Mar 2004
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By combining the latest version of Essbase 7 and the Hyperion Performance Suite version 8.2 into a single platform, Hyperion`s latest business intelligence platform paves the way for powerful analytics, robust querying, analysis and reporting, and easier to use dashboards.

Hyperion is a leader in business performance management software and is distributed locally by Global Technology Business Intelligence (GBI), the business intelligence subsidiary of JSE Securities Exchange-listed Global Technology.

The Hyperion BI platform features easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy dashboards, sophisticated query and reporting tools, a scalable analytics environment and a powerful developer environment.

"This platform is one of the most functionally-rich business intelligence platforms available," says Marc Scheepbouwer, GBI CEO. "Its new capabilities remove the barriers to easier deployment for IT, and provide more functionality to the power user."

Using the Hyperion BI platform, users are empowered to predict business outcomes, Scheepbouwer says. The use of personalised dashboards enables companies to better share information and monitor performance.

New deployment capabilities within the platform deliver enhanced security so companies can safely share information across the organisation. Active performance monitoring, with triggers and alerts, can bring real-time insight to business users. Inherent application building and customisation features present developers with a powerful development environment for building custom applications.

"Hyperion is advancing its business intelligence platform to add new dimensions of ease of use, deployment and administration to better enable business performance management," Scheepbouwer says. "Users from all areas of an organisation can rely on the Hyperion BI platform to monitor and improve performance and to gain insight into the company`s performance. The Hyperion BI Platform enables them to make business decisions faster and at the right time in the business cycle."

The platform is data source agnostic, and because it requires no time- and resource-intensive data clean-up or filtering, companies can get up and running quickly. Dashboards built using Hyperion technology feature drag-and-drop personalisation, adding the ability of combining analytical and operational data effectively.

"Tighter integration within the Hyperion BI platform enables better trending and forecasting," Scheepbouwer says. "Users can move beyond simply monitoring marketing campaigns to more sophisticated planning, based on expected revenue goals. They can also move from just monitoring the delivery of a shipment to forecasting demand and adjusting the plan dynamically."

The platform supports predictive analytics, enabling users to model multiple future scenarios and predict business outcomes.

Active performance monitoring is achieved with a comprehensive set of interactive alerts and triggers, designed to flag issues such as low-supply levels, increases in supply costs and spikes in demand.

Out-of-the-box support for XMLA (XML for Analysis) gives customers anywhere, any-time access to data via the Web.

"Powerful sales and marketing analytics is now available via support for MDX (multidimensional expressions), a sophisticated query language that provides support for applications," Scheepbouwer says. "Power users gain advanced query functionality for determining product profitability and customer analysis. With MDX, customers can use the Hyperion BI Platform to create tailored marketing and sales analytic applications for in-depth sales analysis, product mix analysis and consumer segmentation applications."

Support for Unicode offers customers the ability to deploy business performance management applications to individuals in multiple geographies, in different languages.

Hyperion`s enterprise scalable business intelligence solution connects all levels of an organisation, offers access to the right information at the right time and provides the ability to respond to that information swiftly, accurately and decisively, Scheepbouwer says.

"The new Hyperion BI Platform allows organisations to link strategy, plans and execution, and set business direction with confidence," he concludes.

Global Technology Business Intelligence (GBI)

Global Technology Business Intelligence (GBI), which has been a part of Glotec since the group`s inception and is a wholly owned subsidiary, provides best-of-breed solutions in the traditional business intelligence (BI) and, the newly defined, business performance management (BPM) arenas.

It is the local distributor of Hyperion, Armstrong Laing, Ascential and SPSS. Currently, these solutions are utilised by 85 leading South African companies, including 20 of the country`s top 25 public companies. Not only has Hyperion (the world`s leading BPM solutions provider) recommitted to Glotec by signing a three-year contract, confirming its confidence in the company, but it has also recently named GBI as its Top Distributor for the Year 2002/3.


Hyperion is the global leader in business performance management software. More than 9 000 customers - including 91 of the Fortune 100 - rely on Hyperion software to translate strategies into plans, monitor execution and provide insight to improve financial and operational performance. Hyperion combines the most complete set of interoperable applications with the leading business intelligence platform to support and create business performance management solutions. A network of more than 600 partners provides the company`s innovative and specialised solutions and services.

Named one of the Fortnue 100 Best Companies to Work For 2004, Hyperion employs about 2 600 people in 20 countries. Distributors represent Hyperion in an additional 25 countries. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Hyperion - together with recently acquired Brio Software Inc - generated combined annual revenues of $612 million for the 12 months ending 30 June 2003. Hyperion is traded under the Nasdaq symbol HYSL. For more information, please visit

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