White paper: Power your processes

Johannesburg, 05 Apr 2019
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Power your processes.
Power your processes.

The conversation has shifted. We used to talk about going paperless, then about going digital. But, "going digital" just created new complexities in the form of new information types: PDFs, e-mails, data files, Web sites and portals, and mobile formats like photos and apps. We wanted to offer new channels to our customers, but struggled to connect them with our core systems.

For a time, "going digital" actually made the customer experience worse, with technical limitations, integration issues and the inability to collect, verify, process and surface the right information at the right time.

Forward-thinking organisations have started to realise that digital transformation is most successful when driven from the outside in, when we look first to what customers are trying to accomplish on their journey with us, and design processes around that. This white paper examines how robotic process automation and document capture will empower this customer journey.

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