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IBM Power System S814 server now available through First Distribution for proof-of-concept projects

Johannesburg, 17 Jul 2014
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As an IBM business partner, First Distribution has extensive expertise in POC projects, allowing the distributor to assist partners with fundamental prerequisites such as pre-site surveys, environmental viability studies and individual product positioning in order to ensure an effective product fit. Now, First Distribution offers the IBM Power System S814 server for such proof-of-concept (POC) projects.

First Distribution actively encourages proof of concept projects with customers. A POC conducted in a customer's environment allows potential stumbling blocks to be identified and successfully negotiated, leading to a fully optimised solution. It also emphasises the benefits of the product concerned and often highlights the potential return on investment encountered by utilising such technology.

Interested parties are encouraged to contact Joe on (011) 540 2640 or

Highlights of the IBM Power System S814 server include:

* Highly secure architecture providing a stable database and middleware platform for efficient deployment of business processing applications.
* Ideal for mid-sized business customers consolidating UNIX, IBM i and Linux workloads.
* Gain faster insights with the IBM POWER8 processor and smart acceleration enabled by Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface (CAPI) technologies.
* Reduce energy consumption utilising advanced energy control.

The IBM Power 8 demonstration and sales programme

IBM Tier 1 and 2 business partner solution providers can earn a rebate of $3 000 per unit for eligible IBM Power 8 units sold out after investing in an IBM Power 8 demonstration system purchased under IBM Systems Demonstration, Development and Evaluation ("DDE") programme's general terms and conditions.

To be eligible for this programme, the solution provider must order an IBM Power 8 demonstration system no later than 31 July 2014.

For more information, please contact Joe on (011) 540 2640 or

Why IBM Power Systems?

Powerful forces - mobile, cloud and big data and analytics - are redefining how business gets done.

Leaders are leveraging these forces to deepen relationships with customers and partners, drive new efficiencies and expand business models.

IBM Power Systems help you to:

Leverage systems that optimise big data and analytics performance.

Power Systems are designed for big data, from operational to computational to business and cognitive Watson solutions, and are optimised for performance and can scale to support demanding and growing workloads. Capitalise on the currency of data by finding business insights faster and more efficiently. And gain the elasticity you need to handle the varying analytics initiatives your business requires.

Realise the true potential of enterprise cloud.

Power Systems will help you deliver on the promise of cloud and take advantage of superior cloud economics. With higher utilisation and performance capabilities and the ability to scale out and up, you can reap the benefits of improved economics associated with fewer scale-out systems. Leveraging the robust security built into the foundation of Power Systems, you gain the confidence you need to move more workloads to the cloud, capitalise on greater efficiencies and do more.

Revolutionise the way IT is created and consumed.

Power architecture is at the heart of the OpenPOWER Foundation, a community that's taking advantage of an open technology platform to help organisations create new opportunities and design next-generation applications to drive business success. The first to adopt open server technology, Power Systems help you more quickly and easily deliver a broader set of services and incorporate new technologies using the same technology footprint.

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