Cyberoam prepares next-gen security pros

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Cyberoam has unveiled Cyberoam Academy, a collaboration between industry and educational institutions to prepare next-generation network security professionals for careers in the real world.

The network security appliances vendor says the Cyberoam Academy aims to offer educational institutions a vendor-neutral network security course that matches industry needs, and makes it possible for students to open up doors from the classroom to the workplace.

Governments and corporations around the globe are becoming increasingly sensitive to cyber security threats, says Cyberoam. In fact, it adds, cyber warfare is one of the top threats to any nation's safety today - making network security a high priority.

Confirming the need for a larger and more dynamic network security workforce, the US Bureau of Labour Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook reports that by the year 2020, demand for cyber security experts will increase by 28% to meet the imminent threat, it explains.

According to Cyberoam, with a pool of 2.5 million security professionals available today, network security is emerging as a promising career avenue.

"At Cyberoam, we feel that students lack the preparation needed to leave the world of education and meet the actual network security needs of organisations," says Ajay Nawani, chief of Cyberoam Academy.

"Through Cyberoam Academy, we look forward to empowering educators to more easily train their students to prepare for real-world issues and succeed in the security industry. Students that participate in the Cyberoam Academy programme will not only benefit from a comprehensive curriculum, a virtual learning environment and well-trained instructors, but will also have a leg up in the job search process through Cyberoam's global network of business associates and channel partners."

The vendor also notes that the Cyberoam Academy's 'Novice to Professional' course offers students step-by-step learning tools to help them manage enterprise network security challenges. The course also grants access to Cyberoam eConnect, an online portal for academy, instructors and students that offers a one-stop platform to share learning activities. The eligibility criterion for the programme is only basic computer skills, notes Cyberoam, so the programme benefits students based on their interest, not their capability in network security.

"In an increasingly connected world, exponential growth of devices and networks is affecting thousands of organisations and millions of people that transact online. Given the rapid growth, it has become clear that the world needs more qualified people in the cyber security space to combat new online threats," says Lal Sage, a Cyberoam Academy partner from Nescot College in the UK.

"Efforts need to start at the academic level to increase the number security professionals. Using the right mix of curriculum, hands-on exposure and training infrastructure, Cyberoam Academy is set to meet the needs of the security industry that seeks professionals with competent skills, as well as students looking for rewarding careers."

Cyberoam Academy is open to final year students in any graduation discipline and prepares aspiring candidates for a wide range of roles and career opportunities. For more information about the programme, click here.

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