Securicom poised for good growth in 2013

Company cost cutting and the cloud point to a rosy year for IT security company Securicom.

Johannesburg, 07 May 2013
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Despite 2012 being a particularly tough year, Securicom, a specialist provider of managed IT security services, continued its unbroken record of measurable year-on-year growth since the company's inception a decade ago.

The key areas of growth remained its agile e-mail content filtering and security solution, e-Purifier; its newly upgraded e-mail archiving and business continuity solution, MailVault; the robust Managed Firewall service; and Managed WAN Optimisation.

The company kicked off 2012 by bringing what is considered to be the world's most innovative and effective mobile device management (MDM) technology, XenMobile, formerly known as ZenCloud, into its suite of services. It is the first holistic solution that allows companies to secure and manage the entire life cycle of the most comprehensive array of mobile devices, protecting the mobile enterprise at all levels, from devices, to mobile apps, to the network. XenMobile can be delivered as on-premise, public cloud or in hybrid cloud deployments.

With 10 years' experience in developing cloud-based IT security services, Securicom provides the XenCloud that allows companies in South Africa to access the XenMobile management tools in the cloud. Securicom MDM is offered as a fully hosted and managed service. Adding MDM to the fold was a strategic move that has paid off for Securicom. The company has experienced such dramatic interest and demand for MDM that it launched a partner channel to support the demand.

Securicom CEO, Brett Casey, says staying on top of trends and ensuring that Securicom is always ahead of the curve with appropriate solutions that address emerging IT security threats are what have helped ensure the company's consistent relevance and growth over the years - even when times are tough.

Securicom was the first company in South Africa to introduce e-mail content management and security as a fully managed service, and the MDM solution is the first true mobile as a service offering on the African continent. Securicom Managed WAN Optimisation was also the first in Africa and is still the only cloud-based WAN optimisation service to offer comprehensive and proactive around-the-clock monitoring and management of optimisation infrastructure.

All of the solutions are built on world-leading technologies from trusted partners, including Fortinet, Trustwave and Riverbed. These technologies are innovatively packaged together with Securicom's own-built solutions and expertise.

2013 looks rosy for Securicom, as "the cloud" is becoming widely entrenched as the way forward for South African companies.

"With big corporates starting to mature in their understanding of IT security and prioritising this business need, together with the challenges most companies are facing in terms of having to cut costs and do more with less, companies are turning to cloud service providers that can provide appropriate security at an affordable monthly price. This way, they can stop heavy investments in infrastructure, staff and skills, while at the same time have access to the skills necessary to protect their data," says Casey.

"Aside from cost-cutting urging companies to cloud providers, there is also a trend towards consolidating IT spend. Companies are increasingly looking to service providers that can offer multiple services rather than managing multiple differing SLAs and technologies.

"It's clear why. This move allows organisations to better leverage the economies of scale and reduce the indirect internal costs of managing multiple partners.

"One of only a handful of South African companies to boast an end-to-end IT security offering, Securicom is perfectly positioned to provide for this requirement. From a single customer portal, we offer more than 12 specialised and industry relevant services to allow companies to achieve exactly this.

"What sets us apart from a lot of managed IT security providers is that all of our solutions and our clients' data are hosted in our own local, high-security data centres. Ensuring that data stays local is imperative for companies from compliance and accessibility perspectives," says Casey, concluding that while IT security trends will prompt growth for Securicom this year, the company is not complacent.

"We've got our eyes on the ball and we're always upping our game."


Securicom is an IT security management and consulting company.

It is one of only a handful of South African technology companies to offer an end-to-end range of fully managed IT security services in the cloud.

Securicom's holistic suite of solutions provides comprehensive weaponry and proactive defence against the host of threats that afflict businesses today, from perimeter and endpoint protection, to WAN, LAN, cloud and mobile.

Its solutions operate on only the best-of-breed technology, including Symantec Brightmail, Riverbed, Trustwave and XenMobile, formerly known as ZenCloud, and are hosted offsite at Securicom's local data centres.

Securicom has offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Namibia, and offers its services in 10 other African countries. For more information on Securicom, please visit

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