ICT: value or not

Johannesburg, 18 Oct 2016
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Most organisations have a fair-to-impressive range of information and communication technology (ICT) devices and equipment to support business, but are they truly being used to improve performance and customer satisfaction?

So why do we invest in ICT?

* communicate with customers, partners and each other;
* to conduct a wide range of electronic transactions; and
* to support research.

However, although such technology is considered integral to an organisation, frequently they are not harnessed to their fullest potential to improve its performance.

So why do we build a behaviour to understand the value we get from ICT?

To improve service delivery to customers

Businesses needs to be consumer-orientated and only have the tools to measure business drive in this area, but also needs to understand the associated return on investment. This will include the ability of measuring service delivery efficiency.

To improve your responsiveness to new developments

Development can only be supported by data and the management of this data. Often this is overlooked, resulting in companies having access to large data sets, but not knowing what to do with the data or having the skills to use it to support business drivers.

This is further complicated by the lack of tools to facilitate and measure the implementation of the decisions that have been made.

To change the basis of competition in your industry

Organisations that aim to grow market share; improve visibility; or wish to become the preferred vendor or service provider, ICT/technology can help them achieve those goals.

With the need to ensure that you are first to market, streamlining, optimising and automating certain internal processes can support business in becoming that leader.

All in support of:

* the reduction in delays;
* human error;
* red tape;
* the complexity of certain processes; and
* introducing operational efficiencies that can reduce costs and improve the bottom line, implementing new measures that can ultimately add value to the customer and improve his or her experience with the organisation.

To improve your organisation's overall performance

One way of getting more out of the technology is not to focus on the devices themselves, but understanding the business value that can be achieved by ICT.


The simplest statement to define the Telesa value to any company is its ability to provide management with the appropriate high level view of key performance areas that are affected by telecommunication.

The information needs to be automated, validated, relevant and presented by means of appropriate reporting in support of companies main KPIs:

* Efficiency;
* Governance;
* ROI; and
* Risk mitigation.

Telecom spend is seen as not only one of the highest cost component for any organisation, but also viewed at cost and not as a sales enabler. Yet, if managed correctly it will result in supporting these KPIs in this fast changing telecommunication industry.

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