Vidyo launches plugin-free video conferencing with WebRTC

Johannesburg, 13 Jul 2016
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Plugin-free video conferencing With WebRTC
Plugin-free video conferencing With WebRTC

Vidyo, a company developing video conferencing products, released a new version of its VidyoWeb client and Vidyo Server that support the WebRTC protocol. The technology can enable plugin-free video chatting in the browser with a single click. Vidyo also worked with Google to support the VP9 codec in WebRTC products in a way that scales the video to various bitrates and resolutions.

The company said this type of product can help other companies communicate with their customers in a hassle-free way: "Financial services, healthcare and retail companies with strong customer engagement use cases want an easier way for customers, patients, agents or doctors to join a video conference by eliminating the need for installations or plug-ins," said Nicholas Reid, Vidyo Senior Vice-President of Product Management.

"Vidyo's WebRTC-enabled products offer customers even more flexibility and choice in their Vidyo deployment. From our partnership with Google to co-develop scalable VP9 for WebRTC to the release we are sharing today, Vidyo is bullish on the potential for WebRTC to make face-to-face communication as ubiquitous and hassle-free as texting or calling," he added.

WebRTC doesn't just enable plugin-free video calls, but calls that can be made with the simple sharing of a link. Vidyo provides the server infrastructure for other companies and developers that want to integrate a video-calling solution into their Web sites or Web apps.

For now, the VidyoWeb 3.2 client only works in Chrome and Firefox without a plugin, whereas Safari and Internet Explorer still require a plugin. However, Microsoft already supports WebRTC in its Edge browser, and Safari is poised to get it soon as well, so it may be a matter of time before it's supported without a plugin in those browsers. Vidyo said its infrastructure is not dependent on a particular codec, as long as the codec supports scalable video.

Vidyo customers who already have Vidyo Support contracts can use the new WebRTC-enabled products, such as the VidyoWeb 3.2 client and the Vidyo Server for WebRTC 3.2, for free. New customers can order them from the company's Web site.

For further information, please contact Vidyo's local South African representative, Q-Distribution.

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