Opera helps SA users save on mobile data

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African Opera Mini users save on mobile Internet costs.
African Opera Mini users save on mobile Internet costs.

Using Opera Mini's mobile browser, South Africans used 82% less mobile data, saving $65 million over 10 months.

This is according to research from Opera Software, which revealed at AfricaCom 2015 that the compression technology firm helped its African users save half a billion in mobile Internet savings.

"Overall, Opera Mini users on Java-based phones saved an average of 88% in mobile data each month, while smartphone users saved about 76%," reads the report.

According to a statement, the report is based on aggregated information obtained from the Opera Mini servers.

"These substantial savings were achieved thanks to Opera Mini's advanced compression technology, which shrinks Web pages down to as little as 10% of their original size, reducing data consumption by up to 90%. The data compression also helps render Web pages faster, even while roaming, or in places with poor network conditions," notes the statement.

Meanwhile, Nigerians saved $198 million. "Africa accounts for around a third of Opera's users globally and Nigeria is Opera's third largest market in terms of numbers of users," says the report.

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