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Johannesburg, 08 Oct 2014
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Earlier in the month, a large group of business owners and entities descended on the Sage Office Park for the monthly Vaimo e-commerce seminar. Once again, the event promised much learning and exposure to how e-commerce is a growing business trend in South Africa.

Jenny Homer, Channel Development Manager for eBay and Magento, and based in the UK, kicked off the morning session with a broad overview on the e-commerce revolution that is currently taking shape worldwide, and how consumers have increased their expectations from brands and retailers. She positioned Magento as the ideal solution for this new way of doing business.

An ever-popular speaker and long-time partner of Vaimo, Dr Peter Fish from GoFish, along with his colleague, Thomas Henderson, provided two sessions for delegates aimed at Internet marketing, and more specifically, e-mail marketing. It seems there remains a great need among business entities to get the basics of digital and online right, and both these presentations did not disappoint.

After a light lunch and networking opportunities, delegates were able to immerse themselves in the details of business-to-business e-commerce with MD of Vaimo, Kevin Clarke, who took delegates through some practical examples online and discussed the large array of B2B module extensions that Vaimo has developed for the Magento platform.

Content and creating the right content strategy that focuses more on a businesses' authoritative voice as a brand than on pure product information was next up, and provided delegates with some food for thought on how to balance content with product in their e-commerce solutions.

Finally, the anticipated session with Charles Elliman, from PayU, provided much reassurance to delegates on how to transact safely and securely online by considering the right payment service provider and gateway for their online stores.

What a wonderful day of sharing and learning - we thank all our delegates who attended and hope to be able to work with you in future and provide a valuable service in taking your e-commerce strategies to the next level.

Vaimo, together with its ecosystem partners PayU, GoFish, Digital Planet and Magento, regularly hold these seminars in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

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