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Rewardsco reimagines business-enabling dynamic IT infrastructure with Microsoft

Renowned outsourced sales solutions provider, Rewardsco, has completely reimagined internal IT operations in collaboration with Gijima and Microsoft.

Johannesburg, 26 Feb 2014
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Established in KwaZulu-Natal over 15 years ago, Rewardsco has rapidly evolved into one of South Africa's foremost providers of outsourced sales solutions.

Working closely with a wide range of South African blue-chip clients - primarily residing within the telecommunications and financial sectors - this dynamic organisation is entrusted with sales, fulfilment and customer care on their behalf.

In 2011, Rewardsco made the critical decision to begin investigating alternative options to its current on-premises infrastructure, which was no longer capable of handling internal requirements.

Working closely with certified Microsoft Partner, Gijima, Rewardsco opted to take a new approach to internal IT by developing a private cloud architecture that would streamline operations while improving uptime and service availability.

Gijima was tasked with developing a solution that offered proactive alerting and notifications, supported virtualisation of all systems to reduce restoration time, and ensured consistency by using image-based computing.

The answer was a comprehensive Microsoft ecosystem that placed emphasis on service delivery. Established within a private cloud, this collection of technologies offered Rewardsco the business peace of mind while equipping it with the capacity and dynamic capabilities to manage ICT services.

The RewardsCo Service Delivery Ecosystem has also included the latest capabilities provided by Microsoft in terms of public cloud and commodity of scale capabilities provided by Windows Azure and Microsoft Office 365.

The benefits associated with Rewardsco's comprehensive virtualised environment have been numerous.

"Microsoft Windows Server 2012 has provided Rewardsco with a robust and trusted server platform that offers the kind of functionality only otherwise available in several disparate product sets," comments Lawrance Reddy, Rewardsco Head of Infrastructure and Technology.

The introduction of Office 365 - Microsoft's remotely hosted productivity suite - has also improved agility and access at an executive level, adds Reddy.

"Office 365 allows our corporate users access to productivity applications from anywhere in the world, using any device, and without having to connect back to the corporate, on-premises network. This kind of agility is demonstrating significant value within our marketing and business development teams."

Information security is critical to Rewardsco's daily operations. Microsoft technology has ensured reliability and security within the full breadth of internal operations, adds Reddy.

"Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2012 delivers standards-based and corporate Windows 8 images across the organisation. SCCM 2012 manages all assets and configurations of those assets. Windows 8, meanwhile, delivers a secure, feature rich experience for our end-users. It is the standard desktop OS within the organisation."

This implementation is a great example of the power of capable systems and client service, adds Leon Wright, Microsoft Server and Tools BG Lead.

"We are extremely honoured to have worked so closely with Rewardsco and Gijima on this project. It's not enough to simply introduce a new system - teamwork and communication is absolutely critical to success. By maintaining an open dialogue, Microsoft was able to offer Rewardsco the most appropriate solution to meet its business challenges. We look forward to supporting them in the future."

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