Waspa appoints operations manager

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The Wireless Application Service Providers' Association (Waspa) has appointed Ilonka Badenhorst to the newly-created role of operations manager, in a move it says will "strengthen its positioning as a credible and effective self-regulating body".

The role will see Badenhorst work to improve coordination and communication between Waspa, its members, the country's mobile network operators and the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa.

Waspa says Badenhorst's previous experience includes positions in the legal and regulatory sphere for numerous telecoms companies since 2011. She holds degrees in commerce and law, according to the association.

Casper de Villiers, Waspa chairman, notes the new role of operations manager was created in order to "expand and extend the organisation's impact".

Badenhorst says she aims to ensure the views of Waspa's members are heard in the telecoms industry. "Mobile applications are driving the revolution in both business and society, and we are seeing that Waspa needs to plays a more visible part in guiding developments in this area. As the voice of our membership, we have a lot to offer on multiple levels."

Badenhorst notes she will become the single point of contact for Waspa members.

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