SME cloud adoption set to double

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SME cloud adoption set to double

EMBEDDED]Microsoft released a report last week demonstrating how small businesses are turning to the cloud to help them become major players in the global market, IndustryWeek reveals.

With paid cloud services expected to double in the next five years and triple in the next three with small companies, the research report shows that small and midsize businesses (SMEs) are increasingly turning to these services to expand their geographical reach and identify global opportunities previously unavailable to them.

ZDNet writes that it's definitely in Microsoft's interest to ally itself as closely as possible with the SME cloud movement, especially since, historically, many of its customers have come from the small-business world. Its survey suggests that approximately 58% of SMEs believe the cloud will help their organisation become more competitive, which is one reason why many of them are rushing to invest in applications and IT services that are delivered this way.

“The cloud levels the playing field for SMEs, helping them compete in today's quickly changing business environment, by spending less time and money on IT and more time focused on their most important priority - growing their business,” said Marco Limena, VP of operator channels for Microsoft, in a statement about the research.

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