How to carry out effective analysis of voice of the customer

Johannesburg, 08 Jan 2020
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Companies that want to design an effective customer experience strategy know that one of the elements they have to take into account is the management of the voice of the customer (VOC).

In fact, according to some studies, the voice of the customer is a key pillar in the strategy of 85% of companies. However, not all of them have designed a correct strategy and defined the objectives to help them move towards an optimum customer experience. Thus, more than 22% say they do not have clearly defined objectives and 16% do not have initiatives and specific operational plans to improve this.

For companies to be able to correctly define their customer experience strategy and include the voice of the customer in it, it is advisable to implement processes and tools that allow them to analyse customer interactions. Likewise, they must have defined dashboards and KPIs, and use quantitative or quality tools that allow this analysis and its subsequent inclusion in the customer service and relationship processes. This way, they can ensure the contact centre processes are satisfactory and useful for the users, and therefore, the customer experience is improved.

These are some of the improvements that can be achieved by listening to the VOC in the contact centre:

  • Understand the most common causes of dissatisfaction and solving them.
  • Solving recurring incidents or problems faster.
  • Implement new processes or channels if the current ones do not provide the experience expected by the user.

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