eBook: APIs for dummies

Johannesburg, 05 Nov 2019
Read time 50sec

Application programming interfaces (APIs) are the foundation on which the digital economy is built. APIs are wonderfully versatile things, enabling a business to expose content or services to internal or external audiences.

Businesses can use APIs to accelerate multichannel strategies, improve internal processes, thrill customers, and even develop entirely new business models. This eBook demystifies APIs, going beyond the acronym to help you understand their strategic significance, as well as providing insight into how they can help your business.

“APIs for Dummies, Apigee Special Edition”, gives you a crash course in what an API is and, more importantly, how you can use it as the engine to power your digital business platform. This book highlights where APIs fit in the digital value chain, without getting overly technical. Spread throughout are real-world examples of business-to-business, business-to-employee, and business-to-consumer approaches used by traditional companies to get in shape for the digital now.

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