Codehesion delivers world-class software within weeks

Johannesburg, 20 Nov 2018
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Software development company Codehesion has launched its custom software development services in South Africa, promising the delivery of projects faster and better than traditional development houses.

Codehesion was founded by Hector Beyers, who is well-known in the IT industry as the technical director at Aryaka Africa and for his engineering work at Internet Solutions.

Beyers has now assembled a team of experienced software engineers who have worked on projects for many local and international companies.

The biggest benefit of using Codehesion is its expedited process, which makes it easy for clients to launch their software initiatives quickly and efficiently.

"Our expedited process allows us to launch your project within two weeks, with features being delivered in quick succession thereafter, constantly adding value to your business," said Beyers.

Codehesion's focus is on custom Web and mobile applications, which it can deliver faster, with higher-quality code, than its competitors.

"We achieve the best software solutions by ensuring all our code is developed by highly experienced developers; we have an exceptional technology stack that is always kept up to date, we build using an agile process, and we always include unit and integration testing, performance monitoring, and security," said Beyers.

To make it easy and risk-free for companies, Codehesion's consultation process, an initial meeting, client workshop, and a final proposal, is also done within two weeks and is free of charge.

Companies that are interested in Codehesion's software development services can visit the Codehesion Web site to find out more.

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