Blue Turtle introduces first pillar of excellence in innovative cloud journey: ASSESS

Cloud readiness assessment, accurate TCO analysis and cloud migration planning now possible when scaling to the cloud.

Johannesburg, 16 Jan 2020
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Blue Turtle Technologies introduces ASSESS, the foundational pillar in its “Journey to the Cloud” solution offering. Designed to quantify and better plan a migration, and develop a successful cloud adoption strategy, customers can now navigate past inhibitors such as complexity, operational readiness and cost typically associated with cloud projects.

Leveraging its infrastructure and cloud expertise, together with the advanced analytics software it works with, Blue Turtle will use its ASSESS model to discover, inventory and map a customer’s IT environment, as well as analyse the full remit of IT assets in their environment. The information gathered helps it build out a cloud migration path that is both cost-effective and as nominally disruptive to operations as possible. The programme is particularly useful for customers looking to migrate workloads to public cloud providers.

“Cloud migration initiatives that don’t begin with a thorough assessment are destined for failure,” states Avash Maharaj, Head of Infrastructure, Cloud and Security at Blue Turtle. “Assessments should provide customers with an in-depth analysis to better plan their migration strategy. At Blue Turtle, the ASSESS pillar within our Journey to the Cloud programme delivers a comprehensive view of not only applications, but also their associated dependencies, migration readiness and compatibility checks, and the underlying infrastructure”

“Building on this, ASSESS delivers comprehensive information on cloud configuration and cost options, and detailed activity, risk, dependency and effort.

“Once complete, we then provide our customers with the facts needed to make their move to the cloud a successful one, that will deliver tangible business results,” he adds.

ASSESS is the first of five key pillars in Blue Turtle’s cloud migration programme, which also includes migrate, optimise, secure and manage. With its strong background in infrastructure, systems management and migration, Blue Turtle has the management capability, technical skills and software to develop a comprehensive cloud roadmap with customers.

The ASSESS pillar includes a range of services to help demystify complex IT environments and better plan a successful cloud migration roadmap; these services include:

  • Operational readiness assessment;
  • Infrastructure, software, database and application discovery;
  • Topology and service modelling and dependency mapping;
  • Resource use and optimisation plan – such as compute, memory, storage, network;
  • Application compatibility, readiness checks and code analysis;
  • Cloud platform and configuration - IaaS, PaaS analysis;
  • Cloud consumption, cost and TCO analysis.

“We are currently working with some of South Africa’s most innovative enterprises, enabling portability from on-premises environments to the cloud. Our detailed assessment phase also provides tailored recommendations based on a comprehensive analysis of the customer IT environment and cloud objectives. Our goal with our 'Journey to the Cloud' programme is to not just fulfil the role of technical expert, but also provide trusted business advice,” ends Maharaj.

Blue Turtle will be providing insight into its Journey to the Cloud programme as well as all of its Microsoft services at the Microsoft Ignite 2020 conference, where it is a Gold Sponsor of the event. Join the team at the Sandton Convention Centre on 30-31 January 2020.

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