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Why can’t my business phone system be more like Netflix?

Johannesburg, 17 Mar 2022
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It’s a good question. Netflix lets you stream countless hours of premium content with little more than a decent internet connection at a fixed, affordable rate. Surely technology can come up with some ingenious means whereby calling your customers is as much of a breeze?

I want to break free

Well, it has. It’s called Voys and it’s leading the way in simplifying VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems for the modern South African business. With Voys, instead of buying, installing and maintaining complex hardware and software, you simply access your phone system via the internet. And subscribing is a breeze. In other words, what Netflix is to streaming, Voys is to VOIP.

Developed in-house, the Voys cloud-based phone system is called Freedom and, in the words of a delighted customer, "the name could not be more apt as it gives me complete control and freedom".

Or, according to an industry authority, "no other company gives you the level of freedom and simplicity Voys does. You connect and call. Configure and customise to your heart’s content. Zero manual coding. Total simplicity."

No limits

After more heavy lifting behind the scenes, Voys South Africa has just launched its hot new signature product, Freedom Unlimited, the premium professional phone product for modern South African businesses. For a fixed price per user per month, businesses can rock a fully-fledged cloud-based phone system with free national calls and an astonishing array of additional benefits.

Freedom Unlimited is the full-featured, cloud-based business phone product of the kind otherwise only accessible to large corporations. It gives the user the freedom to connect any time and anywhere using any device on any network. Furthermore, it gives them the freedom to design and manage the system to suit their particular requirements.

Freedom Unlimited comes with no contracts, no hidden costs and absolutely no strings attached, while Voys customers enjoy a completely transparent journey with best-in-class service and support.

Call us on (021) 012 5000, or e-mail

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