VL Telecom announces partnership with Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID solution

Johannesburg, 22 Sep 2021
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South African businesses – like their counterparts worldwide – waste millions of rands and an enormous amount of time every year on business calls. Most of them go unanswered because people ignore calls originating from unknown sources and have no context.

According to Tanya Oosthuizen, CEO of telecommunications service provider VL Telecom: "Clients' percentage of business calls can directly impact a business's bottom line and help serve end-users with trust." A recent national survey indicated that almost 90% of respondents reported rejecting or ignoring phone calls from an unknown number.

“Our research indicates that a call is 96% more likely to be answered if it comes from a verified source,” she adds. She points out that not surprisingly, consumers are increasingly reluctant to answer calls from unknown sources.

“Scammers are smart, often pretending to be trusted businesses. As a result, important calls from legitimate companies go unanswered. These could range from a bank’s monitoring department calling a customer to check out a seemingly suspicious transaction to a call, to a patient confirming a positive coronavirus diagnosis or a delivery service to say the package is on its way.”

To ensure a better communication ecosystem built on trust and safety, VL Telecom is partnering with Truecaller for its Verified Business Caller ID solution.

With Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID, businesses will bear a verified badge and icon when connecting with their end-customers, establishing brand identity, safety and secure communication. “This delivers greater trust in communications between an organisation and its customers. As a result, businesses improve response rate, communication efficiency and drive customer satisfaction,” Oosthuizen says.

Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID customers also receive access to an analytics dashboard that provides actionable insights into the impact and the health of the brand’s call workflows. The dashboard includes call metrics, like spam marking analysis, inbound call statistics, lead analysis, number refresh suggestion, call connect rates, and many other rich insights.

"Truecaller Enterprise has been set up to deliver an enriching user experience for calls from verified businesses by adding elements that project context, trust and safety. Our reseller partners will be critical to our long-term success and help us maintain our commitment to effective communication for end-users and businesses. VL Telecom's strong market presence and expertise in the CPaaS domain will play a significant role in expanding our market presence together and driving substantial value for the enterprise ecosystem in South Africa,” said Priyam Bose, Global Head, GTM at Truecaller Enterprise.

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