White paper: Data virtualisation: The missing link to data success

Johannesburg, 03 Aug 2021
Read time 50sec

Fast moving consumer goods companies (FMCG) are faced with strong competition, high customer expectations, increasingly restrictive regulations and process consolidation. In order to succeed, FMCG organisations have been investing heavily in digital transformations in order to create more efficient processes. 

One of the key challenges of FMCG companies is in having visibility across a complex, global supply chain, data spread across various systems such as SAP, spreadsheets, in-house applications, CRM systems, and so on.

Cloud promises to make the integration of all applications and systems used by the business as well as with those of partners, suppliers and manufacturers simpler and faster. Unfortunately, the distributed nature of the data across all of these areas makes it close to impossible for FMCG companies to gain a complete view of the customer, product, supply chain and competition, in real-time. This white paper will explore the issue further.

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