Telkom Foundation supports learners, teachers with IGNITE

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Sarah Mthintso, head of the Telkom Foundation.
Sarah Mthintso, head of the Telkom Foundation.

Video and audio streaming service TelkomOne has unveiled educational content platform IGNITE, in partnership with the Telkom Foundation, to support learners and teachers.

TelkomONE IGNITE focuses on four content areas: science, technology, engineering and maths subjects; content that directly supports the SA Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) lessons; indirectly supports the SA curriculum in the form of non-fiction relevant programmes; and content that is of interest to a wider school-going audience.

Access to the pack will be given upon free registration with a student’s Telkom mobile number, name, age, gender, institution of study and grade.

The launch of IGNITE comes as online learning gains traction in SA. Online teaching and learning has surged in SA since the COVID-19 lockdown was announced in March last year.

“We are thrilled to introduce TelkomONE IGNITE to the youth. Students simply need support at home, and access to quality online schooling is one way to ensure that, over and above adult supervision and assistance. Key to introducing TelkomONE IGNITE was ensuring it was affordable across the board too,” says Sarah Mthintso, Telkom Foundation head.

“We have also been particular in our selection of content − providing the right content mix of career-related topics, CAPS lessons and edutainment − and I believe we ended up with the right formula.”

Additionally, she says, the Telkom Foundation last year partnered with Lightbulb Education during the first national lockdown in an effort to facilitate seamless virtual learning and teaching.

Lightbulb Education is a zero-rated e-learning platform for Telkom users designed to enable remote learning and teaching.

The Telkom Foundation says it has not only partnered with Lightbulb, but has also invested in Lightbulb Education through its FutureMakers investment fund that backs innovative small technology businesses.

Mthintso explains: “We are definitely committed and constantly exploring opportunities to drive education as an organisation. We want to give as many viable options to students as possible.

"Through the Lightbulb platform, students can access dynamic content, group tutor support and can work collaboratively with others through our various features that include chats, Q&A and an interactive white board.

“Additionally, the Telkom Foundation supports numerous institutions of higher learning and TVET colleges through zero-rated educational Web sites designed to provide learning support.

“The COVID-19 outbreak really highlighted that the future simply cannot wait.”

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