Broadband Infraco ups spend on women-owned entities

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Phumza Dyani, Broadband Infraco chief marketing officer.
Phumza Dyani, Broadband Infraco chief marketing officer.

Broadband Infraco (BBI) this week committed to an increased budget for women-owned business through the Basadi in Telecoms enterprise development programme, which has been relaunched.

The Basadi in Telecoms programme is designed to assist women-owned companies with opportunities through procurement and skills development within the telecoms and ICT sectors.

With the project, BBI, which provides long-distance national and international connectivity, says it helps the company achieve its supply chain transformation goals.

The initiative was first launched in 2015 by the late former CEO Puleng Kwele, as a way of empowering women in the telecoms and construction sectors, before it was discontinued.

However, this week, Basadi in Telecoms was resuscitated in collaboration with Sentech, to support transformation and empowerment goals in the ICT space.

The relaunch of the programme coincides with fresh calls to leaders in ICT to nurture female talent in the sector and empower them with skills.

“The initiative will facilitate a comprehensive enterprise development and support programme aimed at developing the skills of female service providers and professionals,” says Leah Khumalo, BBI board chairperson.

Khumalo believes the Basadi in Telecoms enterprise development programme will lead to long-term economic growth.

“Basadi in Telecoms will be a quarterly event and will boast of significant brands in the industry, also including original equipment manufacturers, with the intent to create an industry-wide initiative, where an organisation can influence other organisations through its procurement and purchasing decisions.”

Also speaking at the relaunch, Phumza Dyani, BBI chief marketing officer, said the programme was specifically designed to advance the transformation agenda in the ICT space, and BBI will be collaborating with various institutions to bridge the inequality gap in the sector.

Sentech was represented by Milisa Kentane, head of corporate communications, who welcomed the relaunch, saying it presents an opportunity for her company and BBI to make an impact in addressing transformation issues in the country.

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