US agency rules against Samsung

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US agency rules against Samsung

Liquid-crystal TV maker Samsung Electronics is now banned from selling certain displays in the US after a government body ruled they infringe upon related patents held by Japanese rival Sharp, reports JoongAng Daily.

The International Trade Commission (ITC) ruled that Samsung violated four of Sharp's patents and that imports of the products including the offending technology will be banned.

US President Barack Obama can overturn the ITC's ruling within 60 days if he finds it goes against the public interest.

Price drop may sway Intel antitrust case

Dramatic chip-price drops could confound antitrust complaints by New York State, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), despite Intel's alleged payments to PC makers, according to BusinessWeek.

The world's largest maker of computer chips is accused by New York State Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo, of behaving illegally in the market for semiconductors, causing harm to its smaller rival, AMD.

A similar case brought by AMD in 2005 goes to trial in March, and the FTC is widely thought to be winding up an investigation that could result in another lawsuit.

Accenture sues Guidewire again

Technology outsourcing and consulting firm, Accenture, asked a federal court again to stop Guidewire Software from selling its insurance software, which Accenture says infringes its patent, states Reuters.

Accenture said in a complaint filed in the federal district court in Wilmington, Delaware, that Guidewire Insurance Suite and Guidewire ClaimCenter, two core Guidewire products, "have no substantial non-infringing use".

Accenture asked the court to order Guidewire to stop making and selling the software in the US and award Accenture damages.

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