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Trend Micro ups security for Google Cloud, Kubernetes, Gmail

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Trend Micro has enhanced its Deep Security and Cloud App Security products, to extend protection to virtual machines on the Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes platform, container image scanning integration with the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and Gmail in the G Suite.

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Indi Siriniwasa, Trend Micro VP for Sub-Saharan Africa, says a growing number of businesses are investing in Google Cloud and Kubernetes to drive efficiencies and business agility.

"It is critical for enterprises to remember that they share in the responsibility of what they put in the cloud. Customers count on us to ease the implementation and automation of security earlier in the development process and to ensure the safe migration between the data centre, hybrid cloud and even multi-cloud environments."

With this in mind, Trend Micro has introduced a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Connector that enables automated discovery, visibility and protection of GCP virtual machine instances.

It gives an instant view of all GCP workloads while showing any external virtual machines out of the security team's control, or under shadow IT projects.

This feature can automatically deploy policy via automated workflows, fight advanced threats and capture workload telemetry for threat investigations.

For container users, there is Kubernetes platform protection at runtime with Deep Security intrusion prevention rules, integrity monitoring and log inspection. Users can inspect both east-west and north-south traffic between containers and platform layers such as Kubernetes. The solution also offers container image scanning in the build pipeline for vulnerabilities, malware, embedded secrets/keys and compliance checks.

Deployed as a Kubernetes Helm Chart, this container image scanning simplifies security deployment on services such as Google Kubernetes Engine, Azure Kubernetes Service and Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes.

Trend Micro has also expanded its Cloud App Security platform to support Gmail users within G Suite, as it says e-mail remains a popular threat vector.

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